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biscuits"We were given a bag of different assorted biscuits to try with our 10-year-old Labrador, Sasha. Being a typical Labrador she enjoyed every single one and jumped up at the worktop each time she heard the bag come out of the fridge. As humans we tried them all along with the dog and found we could happily nibble on the cheese and ham one, the chocolate one went down well. We were not keen on the one which contained liver or kidney and did not find this one enjoyable at all. However, what we did find was the concept was brilliant and would be perfectly suited to those with smaller lap dogs as I find that the owners of these dogs are with their dogs 24/7 and generally share their food with their pets. I think the idea is impeccable and would work extremely well in pet stores, farm shops and the more delicatessen stores such as Harrods and others. I also think the items would sell well at craft markets because they are different. I sincerely hope the idea takes off and I would certainly recommend the products to people I know who would relish the idea."

Helen Church, Finchampstead, Berkshire


Susan Cleaver, Wokingham, Berkshire                                     29 June 2013 / 10:02

Dillon has munched his way through the large dog bones, eaten a muffin & now working his way through the small bones - a success, he clearly loves them all! Will be placing a new order very soon! Sue.